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The Govt. College Sahiwal Alumni Association “Sahiwalians” is established in 2021. The goal and mission of the Alumni Association is to strengthen and maintain links between the College and its former students. The Alumni Association furthers the interest of Sahiwalians, provides a bridge between Sahiwalians and the College, and promotes the College goals and objectives through volunteer service and generous financial support. The Alumni Association offers a full range of programs and activities that engage its members with the College and that contribute to individual and institutional advancement.


Patron in Chief: Professor Dr Mumtaz Ahmad, Principal
Patron: Professor Dr Iftikhar Shafi 
Patron for Lifetime: Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami 
Founder President: Atif Mahmood
Senior Vice President: Saeed Aasi
General Secretary: Arif Choudhary Advocate
Vice President: Mian Babar Fareed Malika
Vice President: H F Kirmani
Treasurer: CH Maqsood Ahmad Jutt


Govt. Graduate College

College Chowk






+353 86 193 0304



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